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The PaWs | Crayz Ball

The PaWs | Crayz Ball

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🚚Карго🚚 📖Политика за връщане📖

Smart Obstacle Navigation

✨ Welcome to the fun! ✨
We are pleased to introduce this product designed to bring endless joy to your furry friend. As part of our mission to strengthen the bond between pets and their owners, this interactive toy promises to provide not only fun but also mental stimulation.

 Balls for dogs are made from thick rubber cores, have excellent flexibility and are sturdy enough to withstand aggressive chewers, yet soft enough to keep smaller puppies' teeth and gums harmless.

The Crayz Ball can easily arouse your pets' interest, you can play the dog toy ball with your dog, improving the relationship between you and the dog.Embrace the joy and peace of mind that comes from knowing your dog is playing happily and safely. Dive into a world of playful discovery and watch your furry friend thrive.Unlike many pet toys that can drive you to distraction with noisy operations, the Crayz Ball boasts a quiet design.

🥏 Interactive and stimulating 🥏
Crayz Ball is no ordinary ball. Equipped with two playful modes – normal and smart – it captures your pup's attention by rolling, shaking and bouncing in unexpected ways. The dazzling LED lights add an extra layer of excitement, making it ideal for active dogs or those that are a little more shy.

 Playing exercise training ball develops your dog's body and coordination, increasing intelligence and creating a happy spirit, and it is also a good way to clean their teeth and exercise their musclesWith the extended battery life, you can charge it once and relax, knowing your dog will be entertained and active, reducing their feelings of loneliness and boredom.Want to find a toy that will keep your dog occupied long enough without being charged or supervised frequently? You are exactly where you are looking for. Crayz Ball overcomes this problem with its battery life that supports continuous gaming for up to three hours.


🌕Interactive and Stimulating🌕
 Crayz ball  is no ordinary ball. Equipped with two playful modes – Normal and Smart – it captivates your pup's attention by rolling, shaking, and bouncing in unexpected ways. The dazzling LED lights add an extra layer of excitement, making it perfect for active dogs or those a bit more on the shy side.

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Dog toy X1

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Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Missouri Torphy

Oh my god. My cats and puppy can’t enough of this toy. Am ordering 2 more.

Retha Ziemann

We thought it would have several modes, but it only has one. My cat doesn't pay much attention to you, it will easily be bored when you chase it 2 times

Mattie Pacocha

Great product and quality!!! My cats loved it!!!

Mateo Predovic

Our cats Love it and are getting exercise

Adah Wuckert

I bought it for my sister's cat. I believe that she will love, because the ball does not silver for a single minute. Very cool. Makes a snake rattle noise, rolls through the tea. Not for ever. Comes with charger to charge the internal battery,

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